'Turbo Fitters' Past and Present
Hear what the full range of Turbo Fit clients have to say about what we do, and what we did for them! 
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Janell E - Turbo Fit Nutrition Coaching Client
"Sarah is an exceptional person, Crossfit coach and nutritionist.  She has made it her personal goal to make sure I am equipped with the tools and knowledge to reach the goals I have set for myself.  Her extensive education, experience and enthusiasm for what she does makes her very approachable and makes this journey to a healthier life fun.  I would recommend Sarah to anyone from beginner to veteran to help you reach your potential!"
Jason F - Turbo Fit Personal Training & Coaching Client
"So less than five months ago, I came to Sarah to try and help me end what seemed like an endless cycle of yo-yo diets to survive the US Navy's draconian body fat standards.  Since then I have intelligently lost 15 lbs, easily passed the Navy's fitness assessment, increased muscle mass with obvious results (ask my wife), and I just completed a sprint triathlon (my first)!  All of this was made possible by Sarah's thoughtful and educated assessment of my needs, her tireless effort to tailor my program, and her continual expertise answering questions and coaching me to keep me moving forward!  The Turbofit workout schedule matched with the intelligent but not invasive dietary recommendations! I went from no cardio routine at all to swimming, biking, and running my way to complete a sprint Triathlon!  I couldn't have done any of this without Turbofit!  Thanks for all the support!  The Tri went great today thanks to Sarah's "TRI for beginners" coaching session!  I felt at ease and like an old hat at this Tri thing thanks to this training!  Now to capture the adrenaline of achieving this goal and continue to work towards new ones! Looking forward to working with Turbofit to keep myself healthy and fit for the first time in over 20+ years!"
Rick L - Turbo Fit Class Member
"I have been spinning with Sarah for a year now and have lost 40 lbs and can see my toes again.  Her instructions are clear and concise; she does a great job of explaining proper cycling/exercise mechanics.  I have really appreciated her expansive knowledge, of the many parameters, of nutrition and fitness.  Thank you Sarah for your patience and expertise"
Leif E - Turbo Fit Sports Massage Client
I can't say enough good things about Sarah. She helped me regain almost all of the mobility in my shoulder after three surgeries and years of physical therapy. Plus, she's just a fantastic person. Highest recommendation possible from me.
(!Chris K - (Chris smashed his marathon goals to achieve a 3:13PB
"Hey Sarah!  Thanks for your help with the 'pain in my ass'.  I managed to get it mostly sorted before I had to run 26.2 miles, mainly down to your help.  Thanks again."
Lindsay D - Turbo Fit Personal Training & Coaching Client
''Big shout out to Sarah for her recent running recommendations!  I have been in a running funk and she encouraged me to go out on a run and do intervals focusing on speed and form!  When Sarah speaks you listen ;-).  I went out and have done this a couple of times and have been pleased with all my subsequent runs and feel back in the swing of good form and speed!  Sarah, you rock and are such an inspiration to me!"
Cynthia O - Turbo Fit Personal Training & Coaching Client
"I seemed to have lost my way a bit this summer with training but as I read my emails detailing my program from coach Sarah I am beginning to feel the excitement of resuming training. Thanks for the encouragement, knowledge and guidance Turbo Fit!"
Stela B - Turbo Fit Personal Training & Coaching Client
''I have had nothing, but an amazing experience working with Sarah.  A few months before my wedding, I had taken up running and some how managed to get myself knotted up.  She was able to give me a great sports massage as well as give me some stretches to incorporate into my routine.  Shortly after that experience, she was able to work with me and come up with a new workout regime while running wasn't an option. She was able to answer any and all questions as well as show modifications for any moves.  I was able to continue working out and losing post baby weight before my big day!''
Katie C - Turbo Fit Class Member
"Today I received the best compliment ever!  I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and one of my dear friends complimented me on how great my legs and butt look and its all because of Sarah's spin classes!!  Even being 20lbs heavier than I am normally people can still see a huge change in my legs thanks to her tough spin classes!!  Love it and cannot wait to see what will happen to my body post pregnancy!"
!Ruth S - Happy New You
Love love loved the HAPPY NEW YOU online trainer. Loads of useful information, varied workouts and healthy meal options which all fit neatly into busy (family/work) lives. Highly recommended.