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Just because you don’t have access to a gym does not mean you have to say good-bye to being fit and healthy! Here at Turbo Fit, we have created this classic e-book trainer, Happy New You, for those of you who love to exercise at home or don’t have access to a gym or training facility and
just need a some guidance to get back on track with your health and fitness.

This e-book trainer is supported for two periods per year via our social media outlets; in
the run up to Christmas, for those of you who want to get ahead of the Christmas
indulgence, and early in January for those who need that mental kickstart to the New
Year. Of course if you prefer, you can purchase Happy New You and work through it at
your own pace at any time! And once you have purchased Happy New You you can
repeat it as many times as you wish, joining in with Turbo Fitters old and new each
time we support each other through this 10 week fitness kick. 

You'll recieve links or emails to the 10-week programme, neatly bundled into a

weekly file that you can download and save to your phone, iPad, or computer for
ease of use. Each week includes 5 workouts with video links to our YouTube
Channel showing you all of the exercises along with alternatives to suit varying
abilities. It also comes with a weekly challenge, menu & recipe ideas and top
fitness and nutrition tips.

Unlike other ‘off of the shelf’ programmes, during the supported period, this trainer
gives you access to Sarah, our Personal Trainer and Coach; posting weekly reminders and useful information via our Face Book group to keep you on track! This is a great way to provide and share encouragement and motivation for you and your fellow Turbo Fitters as you all make your way through the Happy New You journey.
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