Nutrition Coaching

Food! Glorious Food!

To eat well you don't have to live on shakes and supplements!  To lose weight, you don't have to eat just cabbage!  Whether you are a Turbo Fit training client or not, we can help you plan your diet such that you can accomplish your goals, be it weight loss, muscle gain, or optimum nutrition for your endurance sports.  
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    Body Composition
    Just want to know how much body fat you're carrying around? Or how much muscle you're made of? Then come and see Turbo Fit for a body composition analysis and use the results to motivate your training! Sessions can be up to one hour and the results will be emailed to you within 48 hours. Visit us for a follow up test and get £15 off!
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    Precision Nutrition Plan
    Each Turbo Fit Precision Nutrition plan runs over a 16 week period. Your plan will be customised and unique to you, so that you’ll be able to make changes at a rate you are comfortable with. Your first consultation (in-person, or or via Skype/Facetime) is one hour, and then the subsequent ones are 30 minutes every two weeks. Subsequent sessions will be focused on progress, tracking and troubleshooting. What's included is described below.
Initial Analysis
Follow Up Test
 Turbo Fit Precision Nutrition Coaching

Turbo Fit bespoke nutritional coaching is designed for anyone who wishes to get the very most out of their training. The basis of our coaching is ‘client lead’ so it is you who dictates the rate of  changes.  Our expertise and coaching will guide you through them; providing you with the information, encouragement and inspiration you need. 
Whether you are training for health and fitness or have a physical challenge set for the future; this programme is designed to take you from where you are, and get you to where you want to go.  Too often we see people trying to follow ‘off the shelf’ programs from books or the internet for a short period of time; and perhaps with limited results, but not truly achieving their goals. Lack of results, means loss of motivation and can lead to ‘falling off the wagon’; our expertise and motivation means that when you start to feel defeated, we are there help you get back on track.
Lifestyle Matters

Getting the body you want isn’t just about eating well, its about looking at your lifestyle – what you do habitually, without even thinking.  Good nutrition doesn’t just mean having a lean physique, or a high level of performance, or even just being healthy.  It’s about achieving balance.  Most of us only partially achieve the apex where health, body composition and performance are all as we would wish.  Turbo Fit can help you look objectively at what’s going on, and together we can systematically make small changes that are manageable and will begin to improve health, performance and body composition straight away.
Why Do You Need A Coach?​

When we ‘fall off the wagon’, it helps to have an expert there to keep you on track and remind you of what’s important.  We are your team-mate in your pursuit of wellness, your motivator when things get difficult and a voice of reason when you need support or talking down from the biscuit tin precipice! 

What's Included?
Each Turbo Fit Precision Nutrition Plan runs for a 16 week period.  Your plan will tell you what meals to eat and when, based on your required calorific intake and goals.  Rather than tell you exactly what to eat (e.g " Dinner = 100g Chicken Breast, 3 medium potatoes and 2 carrots") our plan will break down the food groups and give plenty of examples of each.  We will also provide example menu ideas and this will all be based on your consultation.   Your plan will be customised and unique to you, so that you’ll be able to make any changes at a rate that you are ready for.
The objective of the first consultation is to establish a baseline, this will last around 1 hour and 30 minutes.  We will discuss where you are and where you want to go, what you like and what you don't like.  Subsequent sessions will be focused on progress tracking, troubleshooting and helping you come up with a plan for the next two weeks and beyond.  In order to measure progress we can use a variety of metrics including:
Body Composition testing
Physical measurements
Activity levels
Kitchen & pantry assessment
Current diet
Before and after photos
Athletic performance

What If I Don’t Follow My Plan 100%?

Big holiday or family celebration coming up? Or even a bit of a slip in your nutrition? No problem! Every diet/lifestyle plan is tested to its limit at some point, the question is how soon will you restart it? Your health is a lifelong pursuit. Developing it takes time and consistent effort. Having a coach and being accountable can mean the difference between success and failure.

16 Week Precision Nutrition plan – £269.  If you want to break up the cost, the first 4 week stretch is £89 and thereafter billed in advance at £60 every 4 weeks for rest of the 16 week course.