Turbo Fit Multi-sport Coaching 

Want to run a Marathon?  Ride a Sportive?  Or tackle a Triathlon?  Turbo Fit has experience to offer.

Maybe you are only just about to embark on endurance training and your goal is a 5k? ​Or an adventure race?  With the explosion of endurance events and races in the last five years, there are now many options to choose from when picking a coaches or training programme.  At Turbo Fit, we understand that every athlete is different; different backgrounds, ages, resources and goals and sometimes standardised plans just don’t work.  So we decided to make it simple and Turbo Fit offers just three programs.  These have been carefully designed by Turbo Fit to be flexible to suit your fitness, ability and lifestyle and will be completely tailored to suit the event or challenge you want to undertake.  So from adventure racing to triathlon to running; we can get you sorted!  Our three options are described and summarised below. 
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    Turbo Fit Pro
    A program for more experienced endurance athletes or at least those who have mastered the basics, can walk the walk and talk the talk. With Turbo Fit Pro you'll receive specifically tailored training structured around your race calendar. If its not working or you need to adjust, that's ok because with Turbo Fit Pro we'll make unlimited adjustments for you. You'll also have unlimited email contact with your coach and up to 2x 30 minute phone or Skype consultations per month. We'll review your nutrition one on one, and to add the personal pro touch and hone your skills, you'll receive 2 one-on-one training sessions per month too! As a preferred client, you'll receive a 15% discount on any additional Turbo Fit services such as Nutrition Coaching or Sports Massage.
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    Turbo Fit Global
    A programme for those athletes who are living outside of the UK or outside of commuting distance. Tailored to your needs, we use technology to deliver! As with all Turbo Fit training packages, your training sessions and calendar will be bespoke to you and with Turbo Fit Global, adjustments are unlimited. Just contact your coach by unlimited email, or during your 1.5 hours of Skype/phone consultation each month. More details on this and all of the Turbo Fit Endurance programs is laid out in the table below.
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    Turbo Fit Classic
    A program for those who are just starting out or still consider themselves ‘novice’. All of your training sessions will be specifically tailored to you and your event goals. Adjustments to your program will be limited by negation with your coach who you can contact by email twice per week and by phone or Skype for up to 30 minutes per month. You'll receive a one to one session with your coach each month, have the option to bolt on a one to one nutrition review (at extra cost) and receive a 10% discount on other Turbo Fit services such as Nutrition Coaching or Sports Massage.
 Turbo Fit Multi-sport Programs

You’ll start with a Turbo set-up. This will be a face-to-face (or Skype) consultation where we will look at your goals and challenges for the coming season.  Every detail will be covered and considered including your experience, biometrics, workout preferences, life/work commitments, background and goals. This means that we understand exactly what you require and our time together will be of the highest quality and the most effective.  After all, for the vast majority of us, training must fit into your life not your life around the training!
With all Turbo Fit Endurance programs, contact via email will be answered within 48 hours, but we'll aim to get back to you as soon as we can so you can get back to training! Payments must be made monthly in advance by BACS transfer.