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Trainerize is the software and app solution that Turbo Fit uses to deliver training programs to our coaching & training programming clients.

Gone are the days of pen and paper notebooks. Even excel spreadsheets have come and gone. Today everyone has a smart phone in their pocket, and this comes with us out onto the gym floor.

It's an obvious step to deliver clients their programs via their phones. And that is exactly what we do - all of our clients programmes are delivered to them via a software app called Trainerize.

As a coach - training numerous clients - this means Turbo FIt can tailor a personalised program to you and know that even if we are not there in person (as with our Turbo FIt 'Global' Clients), you still have all the tools and instructions at your finger tips. Not only that, but every morning we receive a report of the session(s) that you have performed, how it went and any notes or issues that you may have faced.

Our clients really are treated like semi-professional athletes! 

All the data is stored within Trainerize, so we can see how our clients are tracking with a particular lift, or how your latest progress photos compare with Day 1.  We can also can see what workouts you have missed and then message you to find out why. And if its you're a performance orientated client, we can track all of your data - whether its reps on a particular lift, or watts on a bike ride!

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